Fabrication & Complex Products

UES fabrication division excels in fabricating, designing and providing top quality and innovative products as well as services. Our ASME certified fabrication facilities are home to a team of dedicated professionals and a range of cutting edge technologies, which are recognized and accepted by numerous global OEM’s as their local licensed fabricator. Customers of the MENA region look to UES for their need to fabricate assemblies and products that are considered complex in nature. The fabrication team comprise specialized sets of personnel whose primary job is to focus on the particular segment of the job at hand, that way being more effective and productive. UES fabricates an array of specialised complex assemblies.

Complex Products:

  • Sand Catchers / Sand Traps

  • Compact Floatation Units (CFU)

  • Multi-Port Selector Valve Manifold Skids

  • Metering Skids

  • Chemical Injection skids

  • Steam Analysers

  • Multi-phase separators

Apart from being specialists in the complex, our fabrication team are experienced in fabricating and providing:

UES fabrication facilities are accredited to ASME U, U2, S & R stamps and each of our designs and products is vetted through our experienced in-house quality inspectors. UES fabrication can work with an array of exotic and conventional materials, not limited to – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Alloy Steel to mention a few.

Facility Locations:

Muscat Ghala Industrial Area

Postal Address:
PO Box 2638,
Ruwi, Postal Code 112

Contact Info:
Tel: +968-24592320
Fax: +968-24592065

Rusayl Rusayl Industrial Area

Postal Address:
PO Box 216,
Rusayl, Postal Code 124

Contact Info:
Tel: +968-24446200 Ext: 1100/7773
Fax: +968-24446007

Sand Catchers / Sand Traps

UES fabricates sand catchers tailored to the customer needs. The sand catcher is used to remove sand, frac balls and other solid particles from high pressure and high yield gas wells. This separation vessel prevents erosion of downstream equipment. UES can fabricate the conventional 10K PSI Sand catchers as well as 15K PSI Sand catchers which are required for above average high pressure wells.

Compact Floatation Units (CFU)

UES fabricated CFUs are reliable and highly efficient in the separation of water, oil and gas to achieve a high standard of treated water. The CFU utilizes several combined processes that act on the fluid to separate components with differing specific gravities. UES fabricated CFU also has a smaller volume and shorter retention time than traditional flotation units currently in use offshore.

Multi-Port Selector Valve Manifold Skids

UES fabricates Multiport Selector Valve Manifolds skids, which can receive the flow from five or more oil or gas wells. UES MSV Manifold skids greatly reduce the size of pipe manifold arrangements and simplify control requirements. The MSV manifold skid allows the combined well fluids to flow through a separate group outlet, while simultaneously isolating any single well for testing. The unique flow selector is ideal for operation in a variety of oil and gas or process applications.

Metering Skids

UES fabricates metering skids catering to the varying needs of customer. The metering skids are used for the metering of oil, gas, condensates and other fluids used in the process industry. UES has fabricated various metering skids for a variety of applications for transactions involving transporting physical substance from one operator to another. This includes the transferring of raw and refined petroleum between tanks and tankers; tankers and ships and other transactions. Accuracy is of great importance when transferring to both the companies involved in the transaction and UES metering skids have been known to meter with extreme accuracy.

Chemical Injection skids

UES fabricates Chemical Injection skids as per the client’s requirements to inject the different oilfield chemicals, mainly (Methanol, Biocide, Corrosion Inhibitor, Demulsifier, and Scale Inhibitor) into oil/gas/water lines to enhance quality performance, reduce corrosion and microbiological activity and to avoid scaling.

Steam Analysers

UES fabricates steam analyzers to accurately measure the level of steam purity which is essential to identify the cause of potential or existing steam purity problems in modern boiler plants. The system was specifically manufactured in Oman to measure steam quality here in the Gulf region. A good SWAS necessitates efficient sample cooler for water sampling, steam sampling or process sampling problems.

Multi-phase separators

UES fabricates a variety of different phase separators that allows separation, metering and sampling of all phase of well effluent. UES multi-phase separators are capable of handling most types of fluid found in today’s exploration wells, such as gas, gas condensate, light oil, heavy oil, foaming oil and H2S-bearing fluid. The separator pressure is maintained at a present level by automatic control valve (BPV) back pressure valve on the gas out let, the liquid level is maintained by an automatic control valve (LCV) liquid control valve on the oil outlet the liquid level within the separator can be monitored through sight glasses. A sand jetting system can also be incorporated based on the requirements of the client.


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