Maritime & Defence Engineering

United Engineering Services (UES) has, through the recent prosecution of a focused and crafted strategic market entry plan, gained a significant position into the advanced composites engineering industry with initial application and market presence in the maritime defence, security and leisure boat market. The catalyst for this was through the acquisition of the assets of two companies in Malaysia, one of these being the globally recognized and respected brand Professional Powercraft (PPC). With this core competency in advanced composites the MB Group of Companies are now able to leverage this specialist engineering capability both vertically and horizontally into the global market needs of various sectors of engineering demands.

Our marine platforms offer a range of versatile and cutting edge end user design options for defence, security and leisure applications, operational performance excellence and the tangible advantages of the application of our 3D infusion process. Our superior construction and design is built under survey of Lloyds Register rules.

UES International (UESI) uses advanced composites to enhance the craft's speed and durability, allowing you to minimize your craft's through life cost. In addition, our flexible designs also lend a wider range of functions to each craft thus allowing you to further reduce your maintenance costs. Through the broader marine organisation within UES, we can provide solutions in aluminum structured boats as well.


Defence and Security Maritime Platforms

The current demands of Defence and Security agencies demands fast intercept craft that are supported by an array of electronics and defence ordnance are an unfortunate challenge of today's maritime safety needs. The UES portfolio of boats are able to offer a tailored boat and equipment fit out in a cost effective and timely manner. We recognise the special needs and operational demands of our users throughout the world in conflict engagements and crew safety is a specific design consideration that we can provide.

Leisure Maritime Platforms

Apart from defence and maritime platforms, UESI offers its discerning clients a range of hull designs, options in performance and customization of outfit and finish offers to provide some of the most versatile, customised and "wow" boats available today.

Portfolio of Maritime Platforms





Engineering Processes and Operation

In applying our 3D infusion process, we use advanced composites including epoxy carbon engineered structural schedules and ballistic panels while utilizing the latest in molding technology, a methodology that allows you to maximize your vessel's performance and capabilities and minimize your craft's through life cost. In addition, our flexible designs also lend a wider range of functions to each craft allowing further capacity while reducing running costs.

Through the process that we use, we achieve optimal resin to reinforcement ratios, ensuring ideal composite structures. In our endeavor to achieve the best performance, a rigorous testing programme is implemented to ensure you have the latest design and latest in innovative capabilities upon completion of your vessel.

We offer a range of customised and versatile support programmes that will suit each and every customer and work with you to exceed your operational demands.

Future Market Sectors for Advanced Composites

We are determined to remain very much at the forefront of the engineering excellence in those markets we address and will strive to be the best of breed in our business verticals. We are also continually exploring how our core skills and competencies can be horizontally migrated. In that regard, we are working on midterm and long-term plans that will see us apply the advanced composites capability that we now have into other business sectors including architectural, aero, auto and oil & gas.