Training & Development

'The people make the company'; with that in mind UES has a dedicated team specializing in providing and ensuring the right training and development programmes for its employees. UES is a leading investor in its employees rigorous technical & non-technical enrichment catering to the individuals acknowledged and recognized career path. UES ensures that it provides a variety of in-house and external training and development programmes to nurture its existing talents and building upon its new intake.

  • Given the diverse, complex and competitive nature of the MB Group of Companies businesses coupled with its ambitious expansion plans over the next few years, the Group offers 'MB Leadership Development Programme' that aims to develop existing and emerging Leaders of its various business entities to deliver the company's long term business goals and aspirations.
  • Tatweer - The Graduate Development Programme is an example of UES' commitment towards training & development. Tatweer is a two year programme that provides on and off-the-job learning and development in the technical and non-technical disciplines. The objective of the programme is to enable the graduates to quickly develop the required knowledge and skills in the early stages of their career, and that allows them to assume an established role and contribute effectively to the business in the fastest possible time.
  • The MB Training Centre is a training facility for all MB Group companies' which helps in designing and delivering various training courses that enables relevant competencies to be developed depending on the business requirement.
  • On Job Training is a vital process in UES Training & Development. Every year UES trains a number of college and university students in its various workshops. A lot of these students end up joining UES as fulltime employees.